Land of the free?!?

28 Oct

When did political correctness become too correct? It seems like the more we try not to offend anyone; the more we lose our voice. We can no longer disagree with something simply because we disagree! There always has to be a hidden thought/feeling behind it.

If we disagree with the president’s ideology, we are racist. If we are against gay marriage, we are homophobic. If we simply believe that a woman’s body should be governed solely by her, we are feminist. Where does it end? Why must everything haveĀ  label, and why are we so afraid to stand up and speak up for what we truly believe in without fear of repercussions?

In my opinion, this new age political correctness has caused us to be way too sensitive. It is alright to disagree with a person or his or her beliefs simply because you disagree. A difference of opinion does not make you any less of a person than anyone else. It actually makes you stronger. It is actually more difficult to disagree with someone than it is to agree. So do we avoid confrontation out of pure laziness, our burning desire to be liked and fit it, or do we simply agree to avoid being labeled negatively?


One Response to “Land of the free?!?”

  1. Clare Flourish October 29, 2013 at 9:24 am #

    If you are against gay marriage, you are against equality for gay people. Why would anyone want gay people treated less well than straights?

    OTOH, not all who voted for Mr Romney are racists. Who would say they were, simply for that? Other opinions they express may be racist, however.

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